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Pete Ochs is the founder and Chairman of Capital III, an impact investment company with investments in the US and Central America.  The purpose of Capital III is to be a catalyst for flourishing, creating not only economic capital but also social and spiritual capital.  Over the last forty years, Capital III has stewarded companies in the energy, manufacturing, and service sectors, frequently focusing on places devoid of human flourishing such as prisons and poverty-stricken countries.


Pete’s passion in life is to educate, equip, and empower business leaders worldwide to live for something greater than themselves by using their business platform to impact the world for Christ.   To further this end, Pete has written two books, High Impact LIFE and High Impact Business, providing a personal and business transformation framework.  


Pete lives by four simple principles: Honor God, Serve People, Pursue Excellence, and Steward Capital. These four simple but powerful principles, when brought to bear, create Economic, Social, and Spiritual Capital resulting in High Impact lives and businesses.  


Pete and his wife Debbie have been married for over four decades. They have two children and nine grandchildren.

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